Weekly Special!

Offer valid August 15-September 1

The plants are bursting out of their pots! They would like to be in your garden and have a little soil and space.

• Large Clearance and Sale corner with plants 50% and more off.
• See what real pollinator gardens look like in August.  
• Lots of pollinator plants for sale and on sale


Kirengeshoma (yellow waxbells)
Chelone (Turtlehead)
Heliopsis (false sunflower)
Variety of Beebalm
Daisy "Becky"
Geranium  'Blaue Reiter'
80 varieties of Hens and Chicks
Many unusual varieties of sedum
Corydalis Elata  ( Blue)
Prickly VT hardy cactus  (Opuntia)
Stachys "Hummelo"
 Persicaria Polymorpha (Giant Fleece flower)

and many more


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